Meet our Employees

Consuela A.

RHIT, ComforceHealth
Joined in August of 2015

"ComforceHealth is committed to guiding me on my journey to success."

I decided to join ComforceHealth when I discovered that they were committed to investing in me and would offer me the highest level of ICD-10 training by some of the most skilled and credential trainers. Since joining ComforceHealth, I have felt valued. ComforceHealth is an extremely wonderful company that is willing to commit to their employees in providing all the skills and tools that are necessary to achieve their goals.

I would most definitely refer a friend to work here because they provide many opportunities and room for growth, and it’s a friendly atmosphere where you can feel like a family in a truly motivating environment. The management team and instructors are dedicated and committed in guiding me on my journey to success.

Gerald F.

ER Coder, ComforceHealth
Joined in March of 2013

“Trust. I really trust the company I work for.”

I appreciate the steadiness of work ComforceHealth provides. As a medical contractor coder, I never know how long a contract will last, but I’ve never been without work for more than two or three weeks. As soon as one opportunity ends, ComforceHealth is on it to find me another one. I have even had contracts overlap occasionally.

I really trust the company I work for. I trust they are going to find me work. I trust that they have the connections to keep me working. My trust in ComforceHealth shows that they are a good company, and they are recognized in the industry. They are trendsetters.

ComforceHealth – they care about you. They treat their employees very well, and you are rewarded for your hard work. I know my rep, Sylvia, is my advocate for the company and has really taken care of me. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her.

I feel like I’m a valued employee. I’m eager to represent the company and the work that I do. This motivates me to do a good job. Basically, I would sum it up like this: ComforceHealth is good people, a good company, with good values – values you don’t see in many companies anymore. They strive to give their clients the best bang for their buck. They want to take care of everyone – their coders, their end clients, everyone.


Rachel G.

HR Specialist (Onboarding), AIC
Joined in August of 2013

"I enjoy coming into work every day."

I joined AIC as a temporary employee back in August of 2013, just prior to them being acquired by ACS Group. When I was offered my full time position, the acquisition has just been finalized, and I kept hearing that there was a lot of opportunity for growth and learning within ACS Group. I was looking for a company I could start my career with and that seemed like the perfect reason to stay.

The group that I work with is great. The recruiters and BDMs I support are very friendly, and I enjoy coming in to work with them every day. Here at ACS, there is always opportunity for me to get involved with new projects, and I have been able to learn a lot in a very short time.

Cynthia T.

Clinical Educator - Nurse, HireGenics
Joined in October 2014

"This is just a very reputable, ethical company."

I joined HireGenics in October of 2014 as a clinical educator and nurse with Baxter. First and foremost, I really enjoy my job and the people I work with. With HireGenics, things are simplified thanks to their ease and accommodation of scheduling, minimal paperwork, and weekly pay cycle.

I know that I can contact my HireGenics representative with any questions or concerns and receive a response in the same day. This is just a very reputable, ethical company; not all businesses are. This is why I would recommend HireGenics to anyone - it's a great company to work with!

Rakesh K.

Trainee ICD-10 Medical Coder, ComforceHealth
Joined in August of 2015

"Rewards and success will follow you."

I chose ComforceHealth because it is the fastest growing global Healthcare Business Solutions company. I wanted to work with a prospering company with ample opportunities. The staff at the Coding Academy is excellent, experienced, and attentive. ComforceHealth provides a cordial work environment, continuous job assignments, and a weekly pay cycle.

The company provided me with extensive, rigorous, fast-paced training, and made my career switch from retail business and the accounting field to healthcare very smooth. ComforceHealth is the place to go where, if you work hard, rewards and success will follow you.

I would refer a friend in a heartbeat because if it can change my future in 12 weeks and put me on a path to success and growth, then anybody can take advantage of the opportunities ComforceHealth provides.

Dare R.

IT (Minneapolis), ACS Group
Joined in August of 2015

"ACS gives you the opportunity for growth."

After many interviews, I chose ACS Group because the IT department here has a solid structure that enables me to leverage my education for organizational growth. As a company, ACS Group provides the environment that would make any employee want to stay here for many years. I have flexible working hours and a great team that supported me throughout my learning phase and keeps doing so even today. We have monthly birthday celebrations, which I enjoy, to make people feel special. I would definitely recommend ACS Group to my friends because there is always an opportunity for employees to grow.

Susan S.

Clinical Educator - Nurse, HireGenics
Joined in 2014

"Quick response, ease of paperwork, and payroll is always on time."

The greatest part of working with HireGenics is the professionalism and approach with which they engage their consultants. Paperwork is clear and concise, and payroll is always on time. My HireGenics representative, Christy, has been wonderful to work with. I really like the fact that I am informed if something needs to be updated; it is truly hassle-free. I would tell a potential applicant that HireGenics is a great place to work because of the quick response, ease of paperwork, and payroll is always on time.

Geraldine P.

Quality Control Analyst, HireGenics

"HireGenics really cares about their consultants."

My HireGenics sales manager is very understanding, and everyone at HireGenics is extremely helpful and willing to work with me with any issues that may arise. They even follow up with me by phone, so I know that they are truly there for me. At HireGenics, not only is the pay great, but I see plenty of potential for career development and growth. This company really cares about their consultants.

Dave B.

Programmer, AIC

"You’re going to get a good deal here."

I joined AIC in 1988. At the time, I was interviewing with several companies, but AIC offered me the best situation in terms of lifestyle and income. I’ve stayed for the last almost 30 years because the people I work with are outstanding. The management and personnel here are extremely accommodating and so easy to get along with. You don’t join a company expecting to be there for the rest of your life, so I’ve been lucky that I’ve been able to stay with AIC as long as I have. I’m the exception to the rule. I work with 6 others, all consultants, and none of them have been with their staffing company for more than 2 years. With AIC, it just works. Everyone here is consistent and very reliable. I would tell a potential applicant that you’re going to get a good deal here. I’ve been with these guys for almost 30 years now – and it’s because they’re doing something right! I’m so confident in the people here at AIC.

Doug G.

Lead Clinical Business Solutions Analysts, AIC

"I’m not sugarcoating anything – I’m just very happy here."

I joined on December 1, 2015 and am so excited to be here. AIC offered me an incredible position at a great location, and they have been, and continue to be, very helpful during my relocation. I have frequent communications with my rep, who checks in on me regularly. We have a great relationship, and I really like him as a person. Quite simply, I’m just very happy here. I’ve worked with several staffing companies previously and have had some pretty bad experiences. But not here at AIC – everything has been very positive. I would tell a potential applicant that I don’t know if you’ll find any other agency that will support you, look out for your best interests, and remain in constant contact. That consistent contact is really important to me. I’ve just had an incredible experience with AIC – they’ve done great things for me! And I’m not sugarcoating anything – I’m just very happy here.

John R.

Cargo Customer Care Rep, HireGenics

"My rep is the biggest benefit to working here. Everything is all wrapped up with her."

I joined HireGenics in November of 2015 on the recommendation of a former co-worker. I really enjoy my job, but it’s my rep, Michelle, who really makes HireGenics a great place to work. Working with Michelle is the biggest benefit to being at HireGenics because she’s awesome at what she does. Any time I have a question, issue, whatever, she responds immediately. Everything is all wrapped up with her. My wife is actually a contractor who works for another staffing company, and she’s had terrible experiences with them. She can’t get even get an answer to a simple question. We’ve been talking about her coming to HireGenics because they’ve been so wonderful. I really can’t say that enough!

Gary P.

CIS Administrator, AIC

"It’s a wonderful group of people."

I joined AIC for the second time in October of 2010. I had previously worked for AIC for 14 or 15 years, so I’ve been with the company for almost 20 years. This is just a great company; I like the people in the front office and the sales people I work with – it’s a wonderful group of people. AIC is a great place to work for. If you need training, they find it. Whatever you need, they will help because everyone within AIC works very well together. In the past, I have highly recommended this company to my friends, and I will continue to do so.