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  • Analysts

    RPA: The New Game Changer for Financial Services

    The Banking and Financial Services industry has undergone enormous transformation over the last decade. Changing regulations, heightened scrutiny by regulatory bodies, heavy compliance costs, hefty fines were a few reasons behind that transformation
  • By Joe Wivoda
    Healthcare Solutions Practice Director

    Health Information Exchange: Focusing on value

    The exchange of clinical health information between providers across the care continuum is critical for quality patient care. There are significant financial incentives to sharing more information to care providers, as healthcare payers move from
  • Chris Grenz
    Analysts EIM Practice Director

    Health Analytics: Buy or Build?

    The Analysts team wrapped up HIMSS Big Data and Analytics in Boston recently with conversations on how custom analytics need to be in health. The keynote speakers were split on the topic with at least a couple holding strongly to the "very custom"
  • Chris Grenz
    EIM Practice Director at Analysts

    FHIR Nuts & Bolts: Versioning v2

    WGM Sept, 2017 in San Diego and the FHIR versioning discussion continues. A previous post set the table on this discussion, and I still maintain my conclusions. However, additional comment by Grahame and the folks from Cerner (Jenni, Kevin) makes me
  • By Analysts
    EIM Practice Director Chris Grenz

    Micro ETL

    The rise of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings across the services spectrum has created opportunity for lightweight, modular approaches not just for applications but also for back-end data processing work. In a few paragraphs, I'll describe an
  • By Joe Wivoda
    Healthcare Solutions Practice Director

    Alternative FAX: Your health data is sensitive. Ditch the FAX. Embrace DSM.

    I spoke recently at the annual National Cooperative of Health Networks (NCHN) conference in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. The topic was electronic sharing of information between behavioral health providers and networks. I hoped people would share my