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  • Analysts

    RPA: The New Game Changer for Financial Services

    The Banking and Financial Services industry has undergone enormous transformation over the last decade. Changing regulations, heightened scrutiny by regulatory bodies, heavy compliance costs, hefty fines were a few reasons behind that transformation
  • Mamatha Macherla

    Verification automation of XML data using XSLT

    An easy to implement best practice to automate verification of XML files that saves time, reduces coding effort and supports easy maintenance. In designing applications, you should be using XML as your data transport mechanism because most languages
  • Venkat Ashish, Navyateja
    & Amit Kumar

    Do Docker!

    If buzzwords are to be believed, Docker is one word which is promising enough to rewrite all the DevOps rulebooks. By definition, Containerization is an operating system level virtualization where several applications are deployed without
  • Manas Pant

    Data Governance in the Age of Big Data

    Organizations are becoming more data intelligent by trying to make as many decisions as possible, at as many levels as possible, based on insights from all the data gathered by different systems. They have a lot of historical data which they want to
  • Analysts

    RegTech Solutions for Effective Compliance

    With the economic crisis of 2008, regulatory agencies across the globe realized the loopholes and systemic risks in the financial system. The post Dodd-Frank era, consequently, has been witnessing increased regulatory requests for providing timely,
  • Analysts

    Analysts sponsors “Run for a Girl child” for the 2nd consecutive year

    Analysts empowers 2,000 underserved young children last year. Aims to double CSR efforts this year. At Analysts, giving is ingrained in our culture. We care about a better world as much as we care about our employees, clients and all other