ACS Group Recognized within 2017 U.S. Largest IT Staffing Firms List

ACS Group Recognized within 2017 U.S. Largest IT Staffing Firms


ACS Group was recently recognized within the Staffing Industry Analysts annual list of 2017 U.S. Largest Information Technology Staffing Firms. This list, now in its 22nd year, ranks companies by revenue according to industry custom and believes that this list is accurate and can be used appropriately to get a “big picture” reading of the U.S. staffing market.

Out of more than 43 IT staffing firms listed, ACS Group ranked the 8th Largest Company. More specifically, ACS Group is the #1 Largest Minority Owned IT Staffing Firm.

ACS Group is an innovative workforce management, staffing, and solutions company that has experienced substantial growth in recent years. This growth was also evident in their ranking as the 23rd Largest Staffing Company in the United States, up one spot from 24th last year.

“We appreciate this recognition of our IT business and our employees’ success in providing value to our clients,” said ACS Group President and CEO Raj Sardana. “We strongly believe our continued participation and success in the IT industry and staffing marketplace adds value to the industry as a whole. We welcome and celebrate the continued opportunities and business prospects ahead.”

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About ACS Group

ACS Group is a premier provider of IT Consulting, Engineering Consulting, Healthcare, Talent, and Workforce Management Solutions to Fortune 1000 companies globally. ACS Group conducts business through four operating brands – AIC, Analysts, ComforceHealth, and HireGenics – each with a specialized business focus. Our operating brands have provided targeted services and solutions for more than 50 years. ACS Group has grown to over $700 million in revenue with more than 12,000 employees and consultants worldwide. Recognitions include: #1 Largest Minority-Owned IT Staffing Firm in the U.S. and 8th Largest IT Staffing Firm in the U.S. (2017 SIA); Inavero’s Best of Staffing® Client Diamond Award (2017). ACS Group is a certified MBE organization, and operating brand, HireGenics, is an NMSDC Corporate Plus® member. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, ACS Group has offices across the U.S., and an international presence in Canada, India, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Latin America. To learn more, visit:

About Staffing Industry Analysts

Founded in 1989, Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) is the global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions. Their proprietary research covers all categories of employed and non-employed work including temporary staffing, independent contracting, and other types of contingent labor. SIA’s independent and objective analysis provides insights into the services and suppliers operating in the workforce solutions ecosystem, including staffing firms, managed service providers, recruitment process outsourcers, payrolling/compliance firms and talent acquisition technology specialists such as vendor management systems, online staffing platforms, crowdsourcing and online work services. They also provide training and accreditation with our unique Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP) program. For more information, visit: